The living guide to Google Assistant  Configure your home, work and device locations for Google Assistant.

It’s important to distinguish between your home and work locations , which are synced with your Google account via Google Maps, and the device address of your Google Home devices.

Set your work and home locations for Google Assistant.

Your work and home locations can be configured via Google Maps, the Google Home app, as well as Google’s Assistant app. For universal applicability, the following instructions apply to the Assistant app.

  1. Tap your account photo.
  2. Under Personal info , choose Your places .
  3. Add or adjust home and work locations.

Set the device address for your Google Home devices.

As of this writing, Google’s documentation is out of date. As above, use the Assistant app to up your device addresses.

  1. Open the Assistant app and tap your profile photo to open Settings.
  2. Scroll down and select your desired device under Assistant devices . Google Assistant Settings – Devices
  3. Add or modify the Device address . Google Assistant Settings – Device Location